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CVS Health: Guided Onboarding

Senior Experience Designer

2021 - 2023


The below screens are recreations for portfolio purposes only

CVS policy prohibits me from sharing work or research examples within this portfolio; however, I'm very proud of the work I performed during my time there and love to discuss my process as a designer.

The below designs are recreations of a project I helped lead the design effort on: Guided PBM Onboarding. The goal was to alleviate user confusion and frustration when it comes to starting a new plan. The solution included: onboarding the member before their go-live date, simplifying the registration process, creating a guided wizard, providing digital access to the Member ID Card and Plan Summary, and ensuring important action items are top-level.

During my full tenure with CVS, I participated in this and other PBM Onboarding efforts, as well as account profile, payments, registration, dashboards, and creating in-house guidance as part of Design Systems & Enablement, which helped to keep a large design team organized and aligned. Duties included discovery, user flow mapping, wireframing, high fidelity mockups, prototyping, and user testing, as well as inclusive design and content creation.

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