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K9 Kuts


Imagery by Unsplash
Iconography by Icons8


Prototype is for presentation purposes only; all copy therein should be regarded as "dummy text", written by me in order to generate a lifelike mockup.

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K9 Kuts is near and dear to me because the owner/operator is my mother. She's been grooming dogs all my life, and has been running her own business for most of that--but she never had a logo made! So while I was in college, I took the opportunity to make her one. Later, I would support her in other ways including business cards, signage, and advertising material.

More recently, as I've transitioned my focus to UI/UX, I used the brand as inspiration to create a mock website & prototype. Though this is a passion project I did for fun/practice, I wanted to treat it as if it was a real client project and pull from my experiences with design systems, prototyping, accessibility, and even copywriting.

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